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Learn Photo Editing Detailed Review

Among my reader Ashley, from Chicago, US emailed me last week asking me how important is photo editing? She asked me the question concerning the trick photography and special effects course by Evan Sharboneau that she subscribed.

To answer the query, I would like to suggest that for any photo enthusiast who is taking photography being a hobby and that is not actually an expert, Photo Editing is not essential. Though, it’s good if such people learn photo editing to enhance their photo processing ability. However, for professional whose bread and butter rely on the quality of photos and images; photo editing is absolutely necessary.

With that said, I would like to introduce one of the best Photo Editing Tutorial namely “Learn Photo editing,” by Patrick that I recently found during my research. This study material is actually an in-depth Photoshop tutorial, which is designed by an ace graphic artist, photo colorist, editor and photographer who teach step by step how you can create professional-looking photos and images using various photo-editing tricks.

Content of the course

Create Studio Quality Photos Using Cheap Light Objects

Combining Raw Photos with Advance Tone Color and Mapping Grading

Method of Creating an Alien with Photo Manipulation

Turning Photos into Magazine Covers

Extreme Color Grading Techniques

Retouching Portraits

Creating Vintage Photos

Designing Post-Apocalyptic Scene

Mixture of HDR Photography and Color Grading

Color Grading for Wedding Photography

I have found the Burger and Ice-cream tutorials mind boggling. Photo Manipulation technique has become my personal favorite.

The author provides his raw pictures to work upon, and leads the student step by step in creating final output as shown in his study material itself,. That is the USP of the course.

This course Learn Photo editing is for you if you are a professional photographer or a graphic designer or a photo enthusiast. By pursuing this short course, you can improve your image-editing skills, create stunning photo manipulations, color grading and correction techniques.

I could state that a great-quality DSLR camera produces a picture that one can be proud of. It’s also a fact that an expensive camera or lens is not everything, however. A function captured through two different branded cameras would provide apparently same type of a picture. You cannot judge the difference from your naked eyes. However, if you post-process one of the images using advance photo-editing techniques and present the output, then anybody shall identify the huge difference in those two images. Most of the photographs that you see in magazines, other and newspapers media are mostly edited. , photo edition and manipulation become a key a part of photography. Nowadays and thus

some photo enthusiasts perform a mistake of keep investing in new and advanced cameras, hoping that they will dramatically enhance their quality of images. They fail to understand that it’s the picture that matters, not the brand of the camera it had been taken with. Final output is determined by the tricks and techniques you are applying while using the picture and to some extent, photo editing.

If you are passionate about photography, then you should subscribe to one of the best photography editing tutorials, hence, in my opinion.

As I have recommended Evan Sharboneau’s Trick Photography and Special Effects Book, similarly I think Learn Photo editing course by Patrick will also help in mastering various advanced photo-editing skills. It can increase the photography techniques and tricks you have already learned.

The price of this course is actually the price of meals in the restaurant that is just $27.


Download Learn photo Editing By Patrick From Here

Download Evan Sharboneau’s Trick Photography and Special Effects Book From Here

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